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Winter Plant Cuttings

By: Anni Jack, Adult Education Coordinator | 11/24/2021

As we welcome the beauty of winter to the Treasure Valley, we also come to the season of family, friends, and lots of cozy indoor time.

Our gardens and natural surroundings have a variety of interesting plants that make for beautiful decorations around our homes.

You can winter-beautify your entry way pots with a variety of plant material:

❄️Birch, oakleaf hydrangea, and lichen-covered branches

❄️Willow, red and yellow dogwood, and contorted filbert twigs

❄️Berry-laden branches like holly and beauty berry

❄️Fir, cypress, and juniper evergreens

❄️Dried hydrangea blooms

A wreath can create a festive doorway and make a great gift!  You can find a tutorial for a basic evergreen wreath here:


Spruce up your wreath with plant pretties like:

❄️Colorful rosehips, crabapples, chokecherries, holly, beauty berries…

❄️Rosemary sprigs


❄️Dried artichokes

❄️Fluffy seed heads like clematis vitalba

❄️Evergreen sprigs


❄️Interesting seed heads like rudbeckia, echinacea, ornamental grass

Personalize your gift-giving by incorporating plant decorations on your wrapped gifts by using:

❄️Small sprigs of evergreens


❄️Metallic-tinted leaves, cones, and seed pods

❄️Shapes, letters, and patterns cut from peeled bark or out of leaves

A tip for harvesting evergreens:

Cut them after precipitation if you can, hydrate them in water, then spray needles to slow water loss with a protective coating spray like Wilt-Pruf.  They will look fresher longer thru the holiday season!

(Pictured Below) Designed by Georgia White: