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What’s Blooming 6/22/2015

By: | 06/24/2015

Bourbon, Hybrid Perpetual, Rambler, Modern Climbing, and Miniature Roses

Bourbon Rose

The Bourbon rose originated from a natural cross between a China rose and a Damask rose on the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean. The seeds to this rose showed up in Paris in 1891, and cuttings showed up not long after in 1821. The Bourbon rose has a re-blooming trait from the China rose and a strong fragrance because of the Damask rose. Thanks to these characteristics a whole new class of roses was born when the Bourbon rose was introduced.

The Zephirine Drouhin Bourbon rose was first introduced in 1868. It is a great rose because it is thorn less and extremely fragrant. It puts on a show with its flowers early in the summer and then intermittently blooms throughout the summer. This rose can be trained to climb as it will grow 10-12 feet tall by 12-15 feet wide. It is hardy in zones 5-10.

Louise OdierLouise Odier
Louise Odier is a beautiful pink Bourbon rose. It was introduced in 1851. The Louise Odier rose grows to be about 5 feet tall by 4 feet wide. It is hardy in zones 5-10 and will tolerate shade.

Hybrid Perpetual Roses

Hybrid Perpetual roses came about in the mid 1800’s. Hybrid China, Hybrid Bourbon, and Hybrid Noisette roses were crossed with Damask perpetual roses to create the Hybrid Perpetual roses. They are large bushes with cabbage like flowers. They need more water and fertilizer than the Modern Bush roses. Hybrid Perpetual roses are repeat bloomers and are among the most cold hardy of the re-blooming old garden roses.

BaronnePrevostBaronne Prevost

Baronne Prevost is a hybrid perpetual rose and one of the easiest Old Garden Roses to grow. It is a tall rose and can be trained as a climber. Baronne Prevost has thorny stems with dark green foliage and grows 3-5 feet tall. Like many of the other hybrid perpetual roses it is cold tolerant and a heavy feeder. It flowers heavily through early summer, sporadically throughout the summer, and usually has a heavy repeat flowering in autumn.

Rambler Rose

Rambler roses are a type of Climbing Old Garden Roses. They have small blossoms and flower heavily in June. Rambler roses have more pliable branches in comparison to the Modern Climbing roses.

Modern Climbing Rose

There is a variety of roses when it comes to the Modern Climbing Roses. The New Dawn modern climbing rose was introduced in 1930. It is a repeat flowering rose with light pink blossoms. It is hardy in zones 5-9 and will grow up to 20 feet tall by 6 feet wide.NewDawnRoseNew Dawn

Miniature Rose

Miniature Roses are a scaled down versi  on of regular roses. In the 1800’s they were popular for use on windowsills and in pots. They were for gotten about for a while when the Hybrid Perpetual roses became available. After World War II they became popular again after some further breeding to enhance their characteristics.

If you are interested in Old Garden Roses check out The Ultimate Rose Book. It goes into great detail about all of the different varieties of roses. Next time you are at the Idaho Botanical Garden stop by the Rose Garden so you can see the amazing variety of Old Garden Roses that we have in our collection.