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What’s Blooming 5/16/2016

By: | 05/16/2016

Streambank Wild Hollyhock – Iliamna rivularis


iliamna rivularis flowers

This eye-catching, Idaho native is a member of the mallow family (Malvaceae). As its common name implies, it mainly occurs along stream banks and in wet meadows at elevations ranging from the foothills to subalpine zones. It varies in height depending on its location, but is typically between 3 to 6 feet tall. It sends up numerous flower stalks that are loosely populated with large pink to rose-purple (sometimes white) flowers. Its large lobed and toothed leaves resemble the leaves of maple trees or grape vines. The flowers, fruits, and seeds are similar in appearance to its cousin, hollyhock (Alcea sp.), which explains the other half of its common name. In the wild, forest fires encourage the seeds of Iliamna rivularis to germinate.

You can find this plant blooming throughout the summer in various locations, including the Idaho Native Plant Garden and the Lewis and Clark Native Plant Garden.

iliamna rivularis flower

iliamna rivularis leaves


Written by IBG horticulturist, Daniel Murphy.