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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Garden Etiquette?

Idaho Botanical Garden is a living museum. Please respect the plant displays as you would other works of art.

  • Supervise children at all times
  • Keep fingers, food, and objects out of the Koi Pond
  • Stay on pathways and grassy area
  • Trained Service Animals are welcome, no pets
  • Use pathways for walking only.
  • Park bicycles and carry skateboards and rollerblades
  • Do not handle wildlife (lizards, snakes, frogs, birds, etc.)

Please ask at kiosk to use an all-terrain wheelchair.

What are the rules for Outlaw Field Concerts?

You can find the rules and concert guidelines by clicking on the Artists event page and scrolling to the bottom, for example, Josh Groban.

Do you offer Adult-Guided Tours?

Group tours led by a Garden staff member (depending on availability) are offered by reservations. To book guided tours, groups must have a minimum of 10 people. There is no extra charge for a tour when they are held during normal garden hours. Call Elizabeth at the Garden 208-343-8649.

Where are the RESTROOMS?

Restrooms are located by the Classroom.


A drinking fountain is located next to the restrooms by the classroom.

What is not allowed in the Garden?

Not Allowed in the Garden

Outside Alcohol
Smoking & Vaping
Pets (Service dogs allowed on leash)

Weapons & Firearms

What is your SMOKING POLICY?

Smoking is permitted only in the Designated Smoking Area. Look for the sign near the restrooms.

How long does it take to walk through the Garden?

Strolling through the Garden at a leisurely pace will take approximately 60-90 minutes.

Where is the compost pile?

In the South parking lot. At the Garden parking lot entrance take an immediate right.

Where is the Table Rock trail?

Access to Table Rock can be found past the old penitentiary. There is a separate parking lot back behind the old pen.

Where is the closest place to eat?

The Garden is a short 5-minute drive from downtown Boise. The closest restaurants are the Trolley House and a Subway, in the M&W market, two minutes to the right when exiting onto Warm Springs Avenue.

When is the best time to visit the garden for the most blooms?

There is always something cool to see in the Garden. May through July is our busiest visitor season with the largest amount of blooms.

What is blooming now?

What are some things I should be sure to see in the garden?

We have 12 unique gardens, each has something special to see.  Ask the kiosk staff for information.

Is there a place for coffee inside?


Can I purchase Outlaw Field concert tickets over the phone with the Garden?

Tickets are officially sold through Extra Mile Arena/Ticketmaster.

Can I have a picnic in the garden?

Yes, please help the Garden stay green by packing in and packing out your picnic.

Are you part of the penitentiary?


Do you have a wheelchair I can use?

Yes, please ask at the entrance kiosk to use an all-terrain wheelchair. These are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Do you allow dogs?

No,  however Service Dogs are allowed in the Garden.  Please do not leave your dog unattended in your car in the parking lot.

Can my children or I hold your wildlife (lizards, birds, snakes, etc.)?

No. Our grounds are wildlife habitat, please do not disturb them. Specific staff members may be trained to handle wildlife for educational purposes. If you are interested in collecting plants, insects or wildlife for research purposes please contact us prior to your visit for approval.

Is the Garden accessible?

About 75 percent of the grounds are accessible. Our Master Plan, currently under development, will make this a priority as we expand.

What kinds of terrain can I expect in the garden?

The garden covers roughly 15 acres. Most of the paths are gentle slopes with crushed rock. There are two brick pathways and a central plaza with brick. Plan on wearing sturdy walking shoes and being able to navigate stairs. Some of the staircases are made of sandstone and have a degree of unevenness but many have another path as an option. Strollers can be pushed on most paths, and all terrain wheel chairs are available at no charge.

The walk from the admission kiosk to the more cultivated, shaded portion of the Garden is 212 yards-long. This includes a 24 yards-long ramp that meets ADA slope requirement.