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As a volunteer, you play an integral role in helping Idaho Botanical Garden grow.

Your time, talent, and enthusiasm provide essential support to the staff and to the mission of the Garden.

The Garden values this contribution and hopes to offer each volunteer a meaningful, productive, and rewarding experience. There are many exciting opportunities to explore new interests, meet new people, and make a difference in your community.  We offer year-round volunteer duties and welcome individuals, families, groups, students, and organizations looking for one time or regular opportunities.  Contact Karen to explore joining our Garden team today!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

GardenEventsEducationGarden AmbassadorAdministrativeGarden Store

Garden Volunteer

Participate in hands-on gardening opportunities including planting, weeding, pruning, and helping with basic operations. Your support in garden activities ensures our plants and collections are stewarded properly into the future.

Special Events Volunteer

Your participation is an essential element of special events such as: Plant Sale, Great Garden Escape and Outlaw Field summer concerts, Bug Day, Fall Harvest Festival, and Winter Garden aGlow. Assignments include event preparation, greeting guests, providing directions, assisting with activities, serving refreshments, and promoting the Garden at information tables.

Education Program Volunteer

Promote the Garden by participating in educational outreach events. Continuing Education hosts help set up, check in attendees, assist instructors, and lock up after educational classes.

Garden Ambassador

Lead public and private tours of the Garden; share knowledge of plants and the Garden answering visitor’s questions on site; and attend information fairs promoting Garden membership, classes, programs, and events.

Administrative Volunteer

Assist staff with administrative tasks to keep the office running smoothly.

Garden Store Volunteer

The Garden Store Volunteer greets guests, manages the daily tasks in the Garden Store, and provides information regarding memberships, education classes, and events.

Volunteer Registration Instructions

What is Volgistics?

What is Volgistics?

A web-based online scheduling system. You create a volunteer profile, sign up online using your e-mail and a password you choose, look at volunteer openings, schedule yourself, and receive instructions and reminders.

How to register as a Volunteer on Volgistics?

How to register as a Volunteer on Volgistics?

  • Fill out the volunteer application below
  • Wait to receive notification that your application has been accepted
  • Log on to Volgistics using your e-mail and a password you create

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How to use Volgistics to schedule yourself for volunteer openings?

How to use Volgistics to schedule yourself for volunteer openings:

  • Login to the system using your e-mail and a password you choose.
  • Click on My Schedule on the top of your volunteer page. Scroll down until you get the calendar Click on the month you want to look at. Click on “help wanted” to see the available assignments on the specific dates.
  • Sign up for your favorite volunteer duty!
  • You will receive e-mail or text instructions and reminders.
  • We provide training on site!

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