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Dedication Options

Dedication gifts are a unique way to celebrate a special occasion or remember a loved one.

These enduring and tax-deductible gifts support our work to promote environmental stewardship, education, and enjoyment for Idaho Botanical Garden members and community.

To donate a gift In Honor Of or In Memory Of a loved one online today, please click on the Give A Gift button and leave any notation in the “comments” box.

Give A Gift +

Donors may also choose to direct their gifts to a specific Garden bed or feature or to the addition of a bench, paver, or copper leaf.

View Our Dedication Options below or download our brochure here.

Commemorative PaverTribute LeafDedicate a BenchCustom MemorialsMemorial Ceremonies

Dedicate a Commemorative Paver – $150 to $250 – 10 year dedication

Engraved pavers can be purchased to commemorate births, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, or special occasions, or simply to honor a loved one.

Pavers come in two sizes with up to 15 characters of engraving per line including punctuation and spaces:

  1. $150 for a 5.75″x 8″ paver with 3 lines of engraving or
  2. $250 for a 5.75″x 11″ paver with 4 lines of engraving.

Commemorative pavers will be placed twice annually, in the spring and fall, in the entrance to the Children’s Adventure Garden.

Order your paver online using the “Give A Gift” button above and complete your engraving text in the comment box. Order by phone by calling 208-275-8603, or order through the mail by sending a check to the Garden. Please including your name, phone, and the text you want engraved.

Dedicate a Patina Copper Tribute Leaf– $500

Honor a loved one with a beautiful, locally created, patina copper tribute leaf. These copper leaves are hand-crafted and engraved with up to 4 lines of text. Tribute Leaves will be created twice annually, in the spring and fall, and placed on the metal tribute tree structure located by the Children’s Adventure Garden.

Tribute Leaves are created by Delia Dante at Firefusion Studio.

Dedicate a Bench – $4000 to $6000 – 10 year dedication

Benches allow visitors to rest and enjoy scenic views at Idaho Botanical Garden. Dedicate a bench in honor of a friend or loved one to ensure that others can appreciate the Garden as much as you do.

A Stone Bench may be dedicated in the name of an individual. Benches are available in 4’ length for $4,000, 5’ length for $5,000, or 6’length for $6,000. Stone benches are typically made of locally quarried sandstone and are engraved with “in honor/tribute/memory of,” as appropriate, and the name of the honoree.

Donors are welcome to suggest a preferred location for the bench; final bench style and location is chosen by the Garden Design Review Committee. The Garden reserves the right to move or relocate benches in the future if gardens are renovated or redesigned.

Custom Memorials and Tributes

Garden Staff would be happy to define a custom memorial or tribute gifts for a specific garden space, program, or other tribute beyond those outlined in this program. Custom tributes start at $5,000 and must be approved by the Garden Design Review Committee.

Please contact the Development Director, Jennifer Dunmire, at jennifer@idahobotanicalgarden.org or (208) 275-8603 for further inquiries.

Memorial Ceremonies

The Idaho Botanical Garden offers an atmosphere of beauty and tranquility for a memorial service. The natural setting evokes a feeling of a celebration of life.

If you choose the Garden to honor your loved one, a local funeral home may help you with the setting up of chairs, the program, music and signature book.  Some families prefer to plan a ceremony themselves.

For more information, please call the Garden at (208) 343-8649