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Rooted | April 2, 2020

By: Erin Anderson, Executive Director | 04/02/2020

While our gates have been closed for just over a week now, it hasn’t prevented our Garden from putting on a beautiful spring show. Our snowdrops, daffodils, and tulips are reaching full bloom. The peas, carrots, and radishes are starting to peek through the soil in our veggie garden. If you don’t want to miss out on a thing, check out our social media accounts for daily updates on what’s springing up.

Thank you for all of your words of encouragement during this time. We appreciate your support and investment in the Garden through your membership renewals and donations. We are putting those funds to good work. Like many non-profits and businesses in our community, closing our doors (or gates) is hard. Still, we know we will all emerge stronger and get through this together.

Many people are feeling at a loss right now about how to support our community from home. People are finding themselves in the kitchen more and thinking about food, myself included. (Ugh, what’s with all the dishes though?) This got me thinking about what can be done to support our community during these challenging times and I have a few ideas…

IBG is excited to announce we are partnering with Treasure Valley Food Coalition’s Feeding Ourselves, Building Resilience campaign. One goal of the campaign is to get everyone planting a garden of their own this year–a Resilience Garden. Your garden will provide you with food, bring our community together with a common goal, and relieve stress by giving you a meaningful activity to take part in. You can learn more about the amazing benefits of gardening by checking out this article written by our very own certified horticulture therapy program guru, Michele Lesica, Horticulture Director.

In addition to encouraging you to start your own garden at home, Idaho Botanical Garden is renaming our vegetable garden to the IBG Resilience Garden. In 2019 we donated one ton of fresh produce to a local shelter. We’re ramping up our production so that in 2020 we can do even more. We will be sure to post updates on how our seeds are growing and tips for how you can get started at home, too.

Over the weekend, I got my garden started. It’s the perfect time of year for those early spring greens–check it out!


But, some things you just can’t grow at home… like cheese and meat. Luckily for Idahoans, we have the support services of the Idaho Foodbank. As COVID-19 spreads in our community, businesses have begun to temporarily close their doors and unemployment rates are on the rise. To address the needs of our community, the foodbank will need to significantly increase the volume of food over the next several months. They are working to adapt to the needs of our community to ensure people have access to nutritious foods, distribute shelf-stable foods for our vulnerable community members, and help children and families affected by school closures. The need for food donations and cold hard cash is significant–each dollar will help provide enough food for 5 meals for Idahoans during their time of need.


Here are a few ways you can take action right now:

Check out our new partnership project: Feeding Ourselves, Building Resilience. 

Donate cash or food to the Idaho Foodbank

Check out Michele’s article on Horticulture Therapy



Again, thank you for your words of encouragement and support during this challenging time for us all! Next week, I will provide another update and also a blog article from Elizabeth Dickey, our Education Director, on some plants to use while cooking from home.

Now get out there and plant some seeds!

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