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© 2019 Idaho Botanical Garden

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Youth Education

Idaho Botanical Garden offers a variety of educational classes, camps, and school field trips for children of all ages. Over 11,000 youth visit the Garden each year for exciting discoveries with nature.

Upcoming Youth Education Classes

Garden on the RoadYouth Group ToursNature CampSeedlings

Garden on the Road

When the plants are dormant in January & February, the Garden goes on the road to visit area daycare centers, preschools, and kindergartens.

This program engages student interest in the world of living things through lively audio/visual presentations, role-playing, and craft activities. Garden on the Road is appropriate for children 4 to 6 years of age.

The fee is $2/child, minimum group size is 10–24 children. For groups smaller than ten, $20 will be charged.

Contact Idaho Botanical Garden to be added to the mailing list, (208) 343-8649.

Youth Group Tours

These tours are designed to supplement school science curricula.  They run mid-April through October and last approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes. A minimum group size of 10 students is required, or a payment of $25.

Contact Idaho Botanical Garden at (208) 343-8649 to make reservations or to discuss the program.


Monday–Friday, April-October
Spring/Fall tour times: 9:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m.

Summer tour times:
Call for availability, Wendy Irwin, Youth Education Coordinator, (208) 275-8612.


Students preschool through middle school/junior high: $2.50/student.
Adults (one with every five students): Free, $2.50/each additional adult.

Students high school through college: $4/student.
Chaperones (one with every five students): Free, $4.00/each additional adult.

Tour Types

Ready, Set, Grow!: Pre-K – 1st Grade

Ready, Set, Grow!: Pre-K – 1st Grade-Download Tour Packet

Download Our Tour Packet (PDF) +


This introduction to Idaho Botanical Garden encourages young students to use their senses to explore nature. During this lesson they will compare plants to themselves, learn about plant parts, meet a pill bug, and go on an exploratory walk through the Garden.

Wonders of the Water Cycle: Kindergarten – 1st Grade

Wonders of the Water Cycle: Kindergarten – 1st Grade

Download Our Tour Packet (PDF) +


The water cycle plays a major role in determining day-to-day weather. Through song, role-playing, a colorful experiment, and a nature walk, children gain a concrete understanding of what the water cycle is all about.

Habitats – 1st–2nd Grade

Habitats – 1st–2nd Grade

Download Our Tour Packet (PDF) +


Students are introduced to Garden plants and animals, and they discuss what those living things need to survive. Tour includes a song, a game, and a walk.

Flower Power (May Only): 2nd–3rd Grade

Flower Power (May Only): 2nd–3rd Grade

Download Our Tour Packet (PDF) +


Students participate in activities emphasizing the structure and function of flowers. Each student will help Idaho Botanical Garden bloom by planting a flower.

Seed Sense (Fall Only): 2nd–3rd Grade

Seed Sense (Fall Only): 2nd–3rd Grade

Download Our Tour Packet (PDF) +


Participants germinate and grow a fresh understanding of the importance of
seeds─their structure, function, and dispersal methods─through a variety of
instructional outdoor activities.

Lewis and Clark: 4th Grade

Lewis and Clark: 4th Grade

Download Our Tour Packet (PDF) +


During a tour of the Lewis and Clark Native Plant Garden, students will discuss the purpose of the expedition and acquire an increased awareness of and appreciation for the role plants played in the lives of Idaho’s Native Americans and the Lewis and Clark Expedition members. They will practice conducting scientific plant research and will take back to school a plant sample to turn into an herbarium specimen.

Nature’s Garden: 4th–8th Grade

Nature’s Garden: 4th–8th Grade

Download Our Tour Packet (PDF) +


This tour is designed to awaken a naturalist’s curiosity about Boise Foothill ecology. The students on this ¾ mile hike will interpret the environment and discover the vital role plants play in this sagebrush ecosystem.

Fire!: 4th–8th Grade

Fire!: 4th–8th Grade

This tour discusses the role plants play in Idaho’s wildfires. Topics include native versus non-native invasive plants; factors that make a plant more, or less, flammable; and how to protect homes from wildfires.

Custom Tours, Elementary–Post-Graduate

Custom Tours, Elementary–Post-Graduate

Would you like to bring a group out to the Garden for a guided tour but none of the listed topics suit your needs? Contact (208) 343-8649 to request a custom tour. Let us know what you would like the guides to cover and we will work with you to create a tour that meets your interests.

Nature Camp

Nature Camp is a morning science program designed for children ages 4–9 to participate in games, crafts, and nature walks at Idaho Botanical Garden during July and August.

Each class meets Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m.–noon. The campers are divided into two classes by age. Each class is limited to 20 children and is supervised by an adult teacher and two aides.

Camp Fees:

Members: $80 per camp
Non Members: $105 per camp

Due to high demand, each child may register for no more than two sessions. Please register your child’s name.

Nature Camp Descriptions:

July 15-19 Classes: Ages 5-6, 7-9

How do you measure a year? In snowballs, in rainstorms, in flower buds, or animal migrations? Join the Idaho Botanical Garden this week and experience seasons of fun! Campers will make
instant snow, dissect flowers, learn how to stay cool like a salamander, and migrate like Canada geese.

July 22-26 Classes: Ages 4, 5-6

Does the thought of a worm make you squirm? Do you say “Eeew!” when you step on poo? Are you taken aback by an animal’s track? Come explore all things creepy, crawly, smelly, and icky-awesome this week at the Idaho Botanical Garden!

July 29-August 2 Classes: Ages 5-6, 7-9

Welcome to another term at the Idaho Botanical School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Try your skills at the sport of Quidditch! Attend classes, from
Care of Magical Creatures to Herbology. And test your bravery when you come into contact with one of the ghosts of gardens past…

August 5-9 Classes: Ages 5-6, 7-9

G’day, campers! It’s time to put on your hiking shoes, grab your binoculars, and go on a backyard exploration. Discover the critters who live in Idaho’s dry deserts, deep canyons, green forests, and rocky mountains. You may even find some amazing things living in the big city!

August 12-16 Classes: Ages 4, 5-6

Calling all young gardeners! Put on some gardening gloves and see what green things are sprouting at the Botanical Garden this week! Dig in the soil, search for earthworms, plant seeds, and harvest vegetables for a summer snack.

To Register Online:

If not a current member, receive member rates by joining or renewing your membership online. Become a Member, complete the online membership form and add it to the cart.

Please note that camps are specific to the age ranges listed. Ages younger or older than the camp chosen are not recommended. All age requirements are set to benefit the children and make instruction more consistent. Please contact Wendy at (208) 275-8612 with questions.

Register Online Today +


  • Once on the Nature Camp registration page, sign in/register, choose the camp session, and enter the child’s registration information. Enter the guardian’s information under “billing contact.” Add the camp registration to the cart. Garden member discount will show during checkout.
  • Go to the cart to submit payment information.

If you experience problems with the online system, have questions, or would like to sign up over the phone, please call the Garden office at (208) 343-8649, Monday–Friday from 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Register through the Garden Administrative Office:

Call 208-343-8649 to register over the phone or stop by the Garden Office, Monday–Friday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. to register in person.


Payment is refundable up to two weeks prior to the first day of camp class, minus a $10 processing fee.

*To request financial aid, please complete and submit this form.

What to Bring:

Children should bring a snack each day and wear closed-toed shoes and sunscreen.

Following registration, please fill out this Medical Form and bring back to camp first day. If you do not, there will be paperwork to fill out when you arrive.


Children aged 3–5 years are invited to come, with an adult, to play and learn at Idaho Botanical Garden’s Seedlings program in July and August.

During this program children will listen to a story, go on a nature walk and make a craft related to that day’s theme. The program starts at 10 a.m. and lasts for one hour.

Each child should come with an adult who will help during the activities.  There is limited space, so please register in advance.

To sign up, contact the Garden, (208) 275-8612 or register online. Let us know the child’s name, the adult’s name, a phone number we may call if there is a problem, and which time and date you would like.  If registering online, enter the child’s name as the registrant and your name in the billing information.


Applicable Regular Garden adult admission, plus $2 per child:

  • Member adult/child pair: $2
  • Senior Non-member/child pair: $7
  • Adult Non-member/child pair: $9
Register Online Today +


Seedlings 2018 Schedule

June 20th – An Eggs-elent Adventure
…Awaits at the Botanical Garden today! Hunt for eggs and the creatures they contain. You might be surprised by what you find.

June 27th  – The Scariest Rose
A rose by any other name is…a mouse-eating tree? The plainest flower at the annual Rose Bloom Celebration suddenly discovers she has an edge on the competition. Don’t be afraid to join us as we explore the amazing diversity of roses at the Botanical Garden.

July 11th – A Fishy Tale
It’s hard to be a fish, especially when everybody wants to eat you for lunch. Come meet some special fish called Koi who have developed a unique survival strategy.

July 25th – What Are You, Little Larch?
All the other trees in the forest know what they are, but little larch isn’t sure yet. Stay for a season (or four) and discover that not every tree is what it seems to be.

August 8th – A Suitcase for Seeds
Join us on a journey through the Garden as we search for seeds and the fruits that contain them. Help us unpack the seed suitcases we find.

August 22nd – Are You A Grasshopper?
Test your jumping skills and leap into the fun with the Botanical Garden as we learn about some of our noisiest insect neighbors.