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© 2019 Idaho Botanical Garden

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Nature Journal Series

Keeping a nature journal is an excellent way to connect with nature and become more aware of your surroundings. 

The Idaho Botanical Garden welcomes you to join its nature journaling series.  Free for IBG members, regular Garden admission for non-members. This amazing opportunity is thanks to a grant from the Idaho Commission on the Arts. The sessions are offered April – October on Wednesday evenings, 6-6:45 pm.

All Sessions are drop-in basis and meet in the Meditation Garden. Please bring a chair and wear a mask.

Join the Nature Journaling email list for the latest news regarding what to bring to each session, and any changes in the schedule.

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Tickets – General Garden Admission

🌿 Non Members, pay at the kiosk when you arrive.
🌿Children are welcome to attend, this series is geared towards adults.

FREE to Members
Non Members:
Adults: $9
Seniors (65+): $7
Youth 4-12: $5
3 & under: Free

Basic supplies needed

🌱 Blank Sketchbook
🌱 Pencils – HB, 2HB, and regular pencils
🌱 Pencil sharpener
🌱 Pen
🌱 Erasers – kneaded eraser, regular drawing eraser

Additional supplies

🌱 Binoculars, magnifying lens
🌱 For adding color – watercolor pencils, basic watercolor set (Paints: yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green, white and black) brush, water, water cup/jar, towel

Visit John Muir Laws website for a wealth of nature journaling resources.  See John Muir Laws blog post related to each session. There are many more videos related to the topics then seen here. For the complete list:  https://johnmuirlaws.com/blog-archives/ 


Date Session Instructor Blog Post for background
4/28 Introduction to Nature Journaling Sara Focht https://johnmuirlaws.com/njc-1-introduction-to-nature-journaling/
5/12 Using Your Senses Elizabeth Dickey
5/26 Introduction to Plant Families Daniel Murphy https://www.sbbg.org/sites/default/files/pdfs/Docent%20Corner_Field%20ID%20of%2050%20most%20common%20plant%20families.pdf
6/9 Basics of Sketching Jesse Bateman https://johnmuirlaws.com/drawing-with-shapes-video/ , https://johnmuirlaws.com/field-sketching-basics-video/
6/23 Observational Questions Elizabeth Dickey
7/14 Adding Poetry Hannah Rodabaugh https://johnmuirlaws.com/hiku-for-nature-journaling/
7/28 Collecting and Adding Plant Specimens Elizabeth Dickey
8/11 Adding Color to Drawings Jesse Bateman https://johnmuirlaws.com/njc-episode-13-colored-pencils-in-your-journal/
8/25 Nature Photographs Anni Jack
9/8 Birding Sierra Laverty https://johnmuirlaws.com/how-to-start-a-bird-sketch/
9/22 Drawing Invertebrates Jesse Bateman https://johnmuirlaws.com/how-to-draw-a-shiny-beetle-video/ , https://johnmuirlaws.com/draw-insects-video-workshop/
10/6 Drawing Landscapes Jesse Bateman https://johnmuirlaws.com/draw-landscapes-video-workshop/ , https://johnmuirlaws.com/draw-landscapes-ii-video-workshop/
10/20 Page Design Elements Chris Becker https://johnmuirlaws.com/how-to-build-a-journal-page-video/