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HELLO SPRING! – Spring Gardening Tasks

By: Anni Jack, Adult Education Coordinator | 03/03/2022

‘Tis the season to start living out our winter daydreams filled with green things and gardens!

Here are a few quick tips for getting your garden spring-ready:

Planning Time! 

🌱 Review your garden journal from prior year
🌱 Plan and prioritize for your 2022 garden
🌱 Do a garden walkabout, checking hardscape needs, inspecting for pests + weeds
🌱 Take inventory for supplies needed

Garden Maintenance

🌱 Check your sprinkler system on a day when weather cooperates
🌱 Tool time!  Clean and sharpen your hand tools and mower if you haven’t!
🌱 Clear drainage ditches, gutters, downspouts
🌱 Clean and sanitize water features

Pests and Problems

🌱 Time for pre-emergent to prevent weed seeds from germinating and horticultural oils for insect and fungi control.
🌱 Like all treatments, benefits must be weighed against drawbacks as these are not selective applications; desirable seeds and beneficial insects will also be affected.
🌱 Stay on top of weeds and watch for pests and disease

(Dandelions!  Get em’ from the root before they go to seed unless you leave them for pollinators)


🌱 Test your soil to determine its needs if you haven’t already
🌱 Apply compost if you didn’t do so in the fall – compost improves soil structure, nutrients available to plants, and water flow through soil
🌱 Time to mulch – placing biodegradable mulch over soil can fight weeds, retain moisture, maintain consistent soil temperature, and create a finished look in your garden
🌱 Fertilize around spring flowering plants if your soil test shows nutrient deficiencies

(Give your plants the best start with great soil!)

Seeds and Bulbs

🌱 Start seeds and plant cool-season edible
🌱 Spring bulbs: deadhead and leave greenery to allow plant to make and store food for the next growing season.
🌱 If you are planning to move bulbs that are crowded or to a new location, dry and store bulbs until fall planting
🌱 Summer bulbs: plant or start cold-sensitive begonias and dahlias in protected area

Plant Care

🌱 Prune summer-blooming plants, berries, fruit trees
🌱 Prune early-spring bloomers after flowering (like forsythia and lilac)
🌱 Cut back winter interest plants like ornamental grasses
🌱 Divide and transplant summer and fall blooming plants

Turf Care

🌱 After cold, soggy conditions have passed: rake lawn, break up thatch, aerate and top dress with compost if needed, overseed bare patches, and keep 1st mow high
🌱 Be aware of Idaho’s sneaky 3rd winter – have cover material ready for tender plants in later spring freezes!

For a much more in-depth spring checklist, join me next week for the Spring Gardening Tasks Class! 

Sign Up and More Info Here!