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Garden Tool Care

By: Anni Jack, IBG Adult Education Coordinator | 11/05/2021

Meet Dave Hibbard, IBG’s Ground & Facilities Coordinator! He is going to walk us through some garden tool care for this coming winter.

Dave has some tool advice for homeowners as we head into garden dormancy.

He says that the most important thing to do is to winterize your gas-powered tools as well as stored gas.  Dave recommends treating the gas with a motor treatment to prevent it from thickening or losing octane so carburetors will start next season.

For battery-operated devices, he says to keep batteries at full charge, preferably on a trickle charger.  Doing this will let the batteries continue to achieve a full charge.

Dave recommends a pole trimmer to take down any weak branches that might come down with the weight of snow or ice in the winter.

As for hand tools, it is a good idea to sharpen clean ones.  You can use a vice to hold them, or securely in your hand, and sharpen one flat side.  Large tools, like a shovel, can be sharpened on both sides.

After cleaning and sharpening, tighten any loose screws or bolts and oil the moving parts.  Dave says spraying with WD-40 and storing in an enclosed area thru winter will prevent rusting.

And that’s it! Thanks, Dave.