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Fairy House Inspiration

By: Alissa Tarrant, IBG Content Coordinator | 02/17/2022

It’s almost time for the Garden’s annual Fairy House Exhibit!

Artist Application

Starting a fun project like a fairy house can be so exciting, but if you’ve ever suffered from the dreaded “Artist’s Block” you will know all too well how hard it can be to be creative.

Scrounging around for some inspiration can be just as hard as sitting with your lackluster creation. A great thing about the art community is the mutual understanding that everyone inspires each other. 🎨⭐️

Here’s some bits of inspiration that I’ve gathered just for you, builders!


Maybe you don’t know a single thing about fairies. Do some research! What do fairies need? What do they like? What do they do?

There are lots of movies, books, and articles that talk about the lore of the fairy world and all of its activities.

If you want to attract a certain type of fairy, it helps to know what they are attracted by!

Choosing a Theme

If you’re looking for a theme, you can try basing your design on your favorite film, book, or season.

For example, I am a huge fan of Wes Anderson, so I would probably watch Fantastic Mr. Fox to inspire my design. Think like the director, or from the perspective of a character – what would their fairy house look like?

From there you have all sorts of ideas to work with – colors, shapes, patterns, objects, and more!

Don’t be afraid to take bits and pieces that you like from previous designs, most artists do this. Be careful – you don’t want to copy someone’s work. Differentiate your design to have your own unique touch.


Where to start? Maybe some materials that can put a home together:

🌱Bark from a tree can make a good base for the house.
🌱Twigs and leaves can be woven for walls and roofs.
🌱Wood glue is essential to keep it together – remember, hot glue won’t cut it!


Basic structure is great, but what about something PRETTY?

🌱Small dried flowers make great decorations. Put them on the roof, on the inside, or around the base of the house for some color!

🌱Moss on the sides of the house gives such a lovely earthy feel.

🌱Small stones and gravel can add some great texture to the path up to the house.

🌱Found objects are fun as well – shells, feathers, crystals, arrowheads, acorns, etc.

What other sort of fun stuff does a fairy house need?

Miniature Objects

Miniature yard features can add some personality to your build, such as a swing or a wheelbarrow.

If you’ve got the skill, carving wood can make for some lovely fairy furniture – yard chairs or a picnic table can set your build apart from the rest.

Even something as simple as a bundle of sticks for firewood or a stack of wood inside a circle of stones to resemble a firepit will add some extra detail to the front of the house.

Is there a window on your house? Why not add a flower box? You can use bits of wood and miniature dried flowers. A flower bed could just as easily add some color on the ground below if you prefer something low effort.

With some natural rope or twine and some leaves you can make a garland for the house. The leaves can be cut into fun shapes like stars!


Need more inspiration? The Garden’s Pinterest page has a whole board dedicated to Fairy House inspiration! 🧚🏻‍♀️✨

Take a look: 

More Inspo Here!

If you haven’t applied to build a house for the Fairy House Exhibit (April 30-June 19), you can do that here:

Artist Application

The deadline is March 1st, so don’t wait too long to apply!

We cannot wait to see what our fantastic community comes up with. Happy building!