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Online Plant Sale

Friday, May 01st 2020 • 12:00pm - 12:00pm • Wednesday, May 06th 2020

Browse unique water-wise and native Idaho plants for your home gardens at the first-ever ONLINE Plant Sale! This shopping opportunity includes a carefully curated selection of plants suited for Treasure Valley gardens, many grown at the Idaho Botanical Garden, and is open EXCLUSIVELY to members on May 1-2, with general public access beginning on May 3.

Members will be emailed a code to shop May 1st.
Shopping for members will be May 1st and 2nd
Pick up dates available for May 8th, 9th, and 11th
Limited deliveries for May 11th & 12th

Become a member today! Our limited inventory this year means we are likely to sell out during our exclusive member shopping day.

We’ve expanded our efforts to feature plants suited for our region, with an emphasis on local and regional growers. In addition to plants grown here at the Garden — many using local seeds from Snake River Seed Cooperative — you’ll find plants that are grown by students in the College of Western Idaho’s Horticulture program, as well native and drought-tolerant plants from local grower, Draggin’ Wing Farm, and stunning perennials from Old Valley Farm. Idaho Botanical Garden is also a Plant Select® propagator for the second year running! We’re especially excited to participate in this celebrated plant program, featuring regionally hardy plants that have been specifically selected to thrive in the Intermountain West.

Food & Wine Options:

Bottles of wine will be available for purchase from our sponsors, Indian Creek Winery. Simply add to your cart while shopping. Due to alcohol laws, you will be invoiced separately for your order. You will need to complete your payment with Indian Creek Winery prior to your scheduled on-site pickup.

Willowcreek Grill and RAW Sushi will be offering a limited take out menu. Order in advance during the sale and pickup with your plants during your scheduled pickup time.

How will the pickup process work?

Before you arrive write your NAME (or the name the order was made under) on an 8.5×11 piece of paper in Large PRINT, include your PICKUP TIME and TRUNK or TABLE.

12 PM

If you write “Trunk” our staff will plan to load items as safely and cleanly as we are able into your vehicle.  Please stay in your vehicle.

If you write “Table” we will let you know when your items are ready to load into your vehicle. Please wait for us to wave you to the table so we may help ensure the appropriate physical distancing.

We ask all orders be picked up in a vehicle. When you arrive, there will be ONE WAY traffic in our parking lot.  You will not be able to exit until you have made it through the pickup spaces.

There will be no backing up. You will pull forward into a pickup station, then pull forward again to leave.

There will only be one entrance, 5 MPH on the lot, please. 

While on the lot, please follow our direction at all times. We will do our best to make your experience positive and efficient.

We will have an attendant in our drive-up Kiosk – please show them your sheet of paper so we can finish prepping your order.

A parking attendant will help direct you to the available loading space and another to assist you with exiting safely. It is important to follow the parking attendant’s directions to ensure there is no cross traffic.

If you ordered wine (and completed payment with Indian Creek Winery) it will be with your plant pick up.

If you ordered food from Willowcreek Grill & RAW Sushi, you will pick up immediately after picking up your plants.  Your sign will come in handy again at this time.

A huge thank you for your continued support of Idaho Botanical Garden and our partners, Indian Creek Winery and Willowcreek Grill & RAW Sushi. We also would like to thank the Boise Farmers’ Market from whom we borrowed heavily for our pickup plan!

Plant Sale Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the purpose of the Idaho Botanical Garden’s plant sale? 

First, it is a fundraiser for our Horticulture program. Proceeds from the plant sale help to maintain the gardens, grow the plants, and provide educational resources for IBG visitors. Funds raised also help to purchase materials and equipment for IBG’s horticulture program. 

Second, our plant sale is a special benefit to reward IBG members. Members receive early admission and “first pick” of available plants. 

Third, the IBG plant sale is the horticulture staff’s opportunity to highlight a carefully curated selection of plants not widely available or used in the Boise area. 

 Are all the plants for sale grown by the Idaho Botanical Garden? No. While many of the plants are grown on site, we also partner with the College of Western Idaho Horticulture program to grow for us. In addition, some plants are brought in from specialized growers and grown to maturity at IBG.  

 Is this a “fire sale” where you are trying to get rid of overstock and unwanted plants? The prices should be really cheap then! No. We begin planning each year’s sale months in advance. Plants for sale are either grown or purchased specifically for the sale in order to showcase little known, unusual, or harder-to-find plants.  

 Aren’t you competing with local nurseries? Our once a year plant sale is a fundraiser for the IBG and a highly anticipated social event for our members. The focus is on plants that our Horticulture staff is excited about and wants to share. And, since one of the Idaho Botanical Garden’s primary horticultural missions is to educate the public about the plants that perform best in the Intermountain West, a majority of our perennials are drought-tolerant. 

 But I want to buy my favorite tomato variety from you! We strive to feature plants that are not readily available locally. For this reason, you may not find your favorite, tried-and-true variety of tomato or pepper. Those are typically available at your local nursery or home improvement store. Instead, we hope to introduce you to varieties you may not have heard of and encourage you to try something different in your home garden! However, each year we do try to have a few “tried and true” favorites available. 

 You ran out of something that I really wanted. Unfortunately, we have limited space and limited quantities. While we make every effort to have available all the plants we say we’re going to have, Mother Nature does not always cooperate.  

 Are the plants for sale organic? No, they are not, but some of our individual growers may use organic practices, and we here at IBG use only the minimal amount of pesticides necessary to keep our plants healthy. 

 Are any of the plants grown from GMO seed? No, GMO seed is not available for purchase beyond commercial agriculture uses, usually corn, soybeans, alfalfa, canola, cotton, and sugar beets. NONE of the seeds for sale in local nurseries, grocery stores, home improvement stores, or through seed catalogs are genetically modified; they simply are not available to the general public. 

What if I get home and the plant doesn’t work, can I return it? As our plant sale is once a year we are unable to take returns. All sales are final.

How will I get my plants now that you are online? We have limited delivery within a 3-radius or curbside pick up options. Make sure to select a pick up time (or delivery, if available to you) before checking out!

Why can’t I pay for my wine order through Idaho Botanical Garden? Due to state liquor laws IBG is unable to accept money for alcohol.  If you choose to order through our site we will send your order to Indian Creek Winery for them to process an invoice and take payment.  If you choose this option you will be able to pick up the wine with your plants and Indian Creek Winery is helping support the Garden with a donation for each order.