Youth Group Tours

These tours were designed to supplement school science curricula, they last approximately 1 1/4 hours and have a minimum group size of 10 students. Custom tours are also available.

Contact the Idaho Botanical Garden at (208) 343-8649 to make reservations or to discuss the program.

Monday-Friday, April-October
Spring/Fall tour times: 9:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m.
Summer tour times: Call for availability, Elizabeth Dickey, Education Director, (208) 343-8649.

$2.00/student, Adults (one with every five students): Free, $2.00/each additional adult
Groups smaller than 10 students will be charged $20.

Highschool and older groups: $4/student, chaperones (one with every five students): Free, $4.00/each additional adult

Ready, Set, Grow! – Download Tour Packet
Pre-school, 1st Grade
This introduction to the Idaho Botanical Garden encourages young students to use their senses to explore nature. During this lesson they will compare plants to themselves, learn about plant parts, meet an earthworm, and go on an exploratory walk through the Garden.

Wonders of the Water Cycle – Download Tour Packet
Kindergarten & 1st Grade
The water cycle plays a major role in determining day to day weather. Through song, role-playing, a psychedilic experiment, and a nature walk, children gain a concrete understanding of what the water cycle is all about.

Flower Power – Download Tour Packet
2nd, 3rd Grade – May Only
Students participate in activities emphasizing the structure and function of flowers. Each student will help the Idaho Botanical Garden bloom by planting a flower.

Seed Sense – Download Tour Packet
2nd, 3rd Grade – Fall Only
Participants germinate and grow a fresh understanding of the importance of seeds, their structure, function, and dispersal methods through a variety of instructional outdoor activities

Lewis and Clark – Download Tour Packet
4th Grade
During a tour of the Lewis and Clark Native Plant Garden, students will discuss the purpose of the expedition and acquire an increased awareness of and appreciation for the role plants played in the lives of Idaho’s Native Americans and the Lewis and Clark Expedition members. They will practice conducting scientific plant research and will take back to school a plant sample to turn into an herbarium specimen.

Nature’s Garden – Download Tour Packet
4th, 5th, 6th Grade
This tour is designed to awaken a naturalist’s curiosity about Boise Foothill ecology. The students on this ¾ mile hike will interpret the environment and discover the vital role plants play in this sagebrush ecosystem.

Custom Tours
Elementary-Post Graduate
Would you like to bring a group out to the Garden for a guided tour but none of the listed topics are appealing? Contact Elizabeth Dickey, Education Director, at 208-343-8649 to request a custom tour. Let her know what you would like the guides to cover and she will work with you to create a tour which meets your interests and needs.