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What’s Blooming May 2018

Meadow Rue – Thalictrum ‘Black Stockings’


The genus Thalictrum may surprise you by just how showy and attractive it can be. Commonly known as the meadow rues, plants in this genus are found throughout the northern hemisphere and are generally adapted to cool, shady locations. While several species have miniscule, inconspicuous flowers and unremarkable foliage, others are quite the opposite. One inarguable example is a hybrid cultivar called ‘Black Stockings.’

‘Black Stockings’ describes the deep purple, nearly black stems that stand sturdy and tall above delicate, green foliage. Reaching up to four feet and beyond, the plant is topped with numerous clusters of lavender-magenta flowers that look like little fireworks. Butterflies and other pollinators can’t resist.

This a perfect addition to the back of a perennial bed or border. It is best suited to full sun or part shade and thrives in rich soil with regular water. Late spring to early summer is when you will find it in its prime. See it now, along with other late spring flowers, in the English Garden.

The nearly black stems of Thalictrum ‘Black Stockings’


Written by IBG Collections Curator, Daniel Murphy