Idaho Botanical Garden staff, through their labor and dedication, brings the Garden's Master Plan towards fruition.

Rickey Needles

Turf and Landscape Maintenance
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Rickie is no stranger to the Garden. He started as a volunteer parking guests during Winter Garden aGlow in 2005. Since then Rickie has driven tractors for our Fall Harvest Festival, parked concert goers during Outlaw Field Summer Concerts and hung lights for Winter Garden aGlow. That is in addition to the ‘honey-do’ list of repairing and building items for the Garden. Rickey joins the staff – officially – as a turf and landscape maintenance technician. During the rare times when he is not in the Garden, Rickey enjoys working on his camping trailer and getting it up in the hills.


Idaho Botanical Gardens Board of Directors provides vision, direction and support for the Garden’s development, programs and events.



Kip Bryson, President
Karena Boesel, Vice President
Marlayna Elledge, Treasurer
Sonya Lenzi, Secretary
Kathy Yoshida, Recorder

Chris Wiersema, Executive Director


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Christopher Pooser
Dena Shipton
Jason Prince
Rich Toney
Rick Turner
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