Idaho Botanical Garden staff, through their labor and dedication, brings the Garden's Master Plan towards fruition.

Ann DeBolt

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Ann has worked as a Botanist for the IBG since April 2007. Her work at the Garden includes maintenance of the native and waterwise gardens at IBG such as the Lewis & Clark Native Plant Garden, Western Waterwise Garden, Water Conservation Landscape, Idaho Native Plant Garden, and Steve Love Demonstration Plots. She is deeply involved in our conservation programs, including native and rare species seed collection, and foothills restoration projects. Ann teaches classes and gives presentations both here and around the valley.

Ann grew up in northern Florida before earning botany degrees at the University of Montana and Oregon State University. She has worked as a Botanist in southern Idaho since 1987. Her favorite part about working at the Garden is the staff camaraderie of a non-profit organization, seeing something new at work every day (including many different wildlife visitors), meeting interesting people, and working with fabulous volunteers. In her free time, Ann enjoys growing her own food, hiking, photography, birding, canoeing, and traveling.


Idaho Botanical Gardens Board of Directors provides vision, direction and support for the Garden’s development, programs and events.



Karena Boesel, President
Sonya Lenzi, Vice President
Marlayna Elledge, Treasurer
Allen Deitz, Secretary

Christine Wiersema, Executive Director


Sara Berry
Kip Bryson
Christopher Pooser
Jason Prince
Dena Shipton
Misty Sterk
Rich Toney
Rick Turner
Chantel West