Sagebrush Steppe Master Naturalists

The IMNP is a state-wide program with 8 active chapters. The mission of the program is to develop a corps of well-informed volunteers to actively work toward stewardship of Idaho’s natural environment. Forty hours of education and forty hours of volunteer service in one year are required for program certification.

Chapter Information

The Sagebrush-steppe Chapter of the IMNP is located in Boise, Idaho and is sponsored by the MK Nature Center, the Foothills Learning Center and the Idaho Botanical Garden. These three organizations all focus on teaching others (often children) about nature and about what they do.

  • Cost is $150 – checks can be made to the Idaho Botanical Garden. $75 will be refunded if participant completes the program by January 2014.
  • Education will be held most Tuesday mornings starting January 15th (9 am- Noon) and lasting to April 15 with 2 Saturday field trips.
  • Volunteer service can begin after January 15th and must be performed: 10 hours to FLC, 10 hours to MK Nature Center and 10 hours to IBG and 10 hours of choice (total of 40 hours)
  • Meetings will be held at the MK Nature Center, the Foothills Learning Center and the Idaho Botanical Garden, as well as in the field and other community locations.
  • The Sagebrush-steppe Chapter is a CONSERVATION EDUCATION chapter; meaning, our focus is to teach others about nature. Most volunteer opportunities will be of this type.
  • MANY volunteer opportunities will be working with children.
  • Some topics we will be covering in our meetings include: wolves, ecology, mammals, ornithology, mycology, plant families, noxious weeds, herpetology, entomology, mammals of Idaho, aquatic insects and ecology, native fishes and more!

How to Register

This participant agreement must be completely filled out and returned with your payment to the Idaho Botanical Garden to secure yourself a place in the class. Refunds will be given to a participant if they drop the class before the second class. Credit cards can be taken by calling the Botanical Garden. You can send your registration form to Elizabeth Dickey at or by mailing it to her at the address listed below.