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Restroom Project Update!

Thanks to you, our generous donors, and a grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, we are now ready for the fourth phase of the new restroom project! So far,

  • new sewer line was placed across Outlaw Field to reach the location of the flush-able toilets!
  • the plaza expanded with new pavers placed near the restroom unit location
  • the foundation and plumbing set up for the first unit was completed
  • on August 23  the first flush-able toilet unit with two family stalls was placed on the grounds! They are now ready for public use!

With the help of the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust grant, we can now purchase a second unit of flush-toilets and begin additional paving for ADA accessible pathways to the toilet and the entrance.

We still need your help! In order to receive the complete grant funds, additional donations are needed to complete this project!  You can help us provide accessible pathways, ensure a second unit of flush toilets, and complete the landscaping around the units.

Please consider supporting this much needed project by making a donation to the “Flush Fund,” today.

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Give to the “Flush Fund” and help us bring flushable restroom facilities to the Garden!

It’s time! After 32 years, the Garden is long-past ready for flushable restrooms and now’s the chance to make it happen! We need your help. Although the Garden has rapidly grown over the years, we are still relying on portable, self-contained toilets, such as the ones found at construction sites. Many of the over 15,000 children who visit us each year, particularly the ones of Pre-school – Kindergarten age, are terrified of using these restrooms.  The current restrooms detract from many adults’ experiences here, too.

restroomNow that new education facility is open for use, we need to meet the needs of the children and our patrons by adding new restroom units with flushable toilets and water for hand washing. We’ve researched and found modular restroom units that can be easily placed near the education facility – once funds are raised.  With the help of a generous donor and nearly $30,000 raised for the “flush fund” at the 2016 Grow the Garden Party fundraiser on June 24, we are closer to our goal of $250,000. These funds will support two modular units each with two family restrooms for a total of four stalls – replacing most of the ‘porta-potties’ already on site.  Funds are also still needed for the facilities’ placement, city sewer line connection and potable water.