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New Entrance Garden by Franz Witte

In May 2015, IBG shifted the Garden’s visitor entrance to the lower lot next to the historic smoke stack building in order to follow our Master Plan and provide a safer entry for pedestrians.  This summer, we are so excited to present the new Entrance Garden completed by Franz Witte! Thanks to the Franz Witte team, guests’ Garden experience begins right away with this welcoming garden filled with plants appropriate for our region. A plant list will be available on our website this fall, but be prepared for some amazing Ornamental Evergreens and new and beautiful varieties of shrubs and perennials.  There should be a splash of color for all seasons and you may even see a flamingo or two if you look close enough. We can’t wait for you to see it on your next visit!

Forcing Bulbs

Horticulturist Toby Mancini prepares tips on forcing bulbs in the colder season.

Paperwhites are often considered a holiday classic as they can be easily forced indoors from late fall through spring. Their highly fragrant, cheery white blooms can perfume a room with ease, lasting for weeks during the cool, gray days of winter. Easily forced indoors, below are some tips to ensure success with your holiday classic.  <<Read more>>

Amaryllis are spectacular flowers that will provide a splash of color indoors when it’s lacking outside. Forcing these bulbs is easy and uplifting at a time of year we might otherwise not be feeling as energetic as we do in spring. Here are some tips to growing great blooms, indoors for the winter successfully. <<Read more>>

Click here for a bulb information chart!


Penstemon Collections NAPCC

In 2014, IBG was awarded full collection status by the North American Plant Collection Consortium (NAPCC), now called the Plant Collections Network (PCN), for our Western U.S. Beardtongue Collection.  In North America, recognition by PCN comes close to conferring national status on public garden collections.  PCN is a joint program of the American Public Gardens Association and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service, whose goal is to “coordinate a continent-wide approach to plant germplasm preservation and to promote high standards of collection management.”  While our collection is currently small, we will continue to increase its size each year.

Treehouse Platforms

In the summer of 2013, the Children’s Adventure Garden welcomed new additions to the treehouses including a full platform, shade sails and children’s signature wall! Now visitors can view the Garden from high in the treetops!