The Garden tries to conserve resources wherever we can.

We have increased our office recycling efforts, provide recycling bins throughout the Garden, and donate glass to Useful Glassworks. We are also working to not only control invasive plants on lands which buffer the Garden, but to also grow native species for restoration of these and other lands in southwest Idaho. The Garden will use these projects to help educate the public about Idaho’s natural resources.


Rare Idaho Plants at the IBG

Did you know that IBG has three globally rare species in our plant collection? Two of the plants came to us because their populations were going to be destroyed and the “rescued” bulbs and rhizomes needed a new home. Aase’s onion (Allium aaseae) bulbs were planted in 2006 after being salvaged from county lands slatedRead more »

BLM Native Seed Program

For several years, IBG collaborated with the Bureau of Land Management on its Native Plant Conservation Initiative Program on three separate projects in southwest Idaho and southeast Oregon. IDAHO – 2010-2017: IBG collected native forb, grass, and shrub seed for the Idaho Bureau of Land Management Seeds of Success Program. Objectives were to collect seedRead more »

Foothills Restoration

One of the Garden’s missions is to work towards restoration of lands that lie outside our formalized gardens. Noxious weed control, seed collecting, native plantings in selected restoration areas, bitterbrush planting, all comprise this work. High school students, College of Western Idaho Horticulture Interns, Master Naturalists, and other IBG volunteers have assisted with these on-goingRead more »