Worm Composting

Date(s) - Tue 8 Jul
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Idaho Botanical Garden

WORM BINS: Worm bins available for $35 with registration.
(Payment must be received by 6/25.) Not sure? A few extra bins
will be available at the class. These plastic bins are pre-drilled and
include 1 lb. worms and bedding. This size bin will recycle 1 lb. of
food waste a day once established.
Worm compost, also called vermicompost can be a wonderful way to
create healthy gardens, lawns, and much more! Worm composting
recycles food scraps and other organic material into a valuable soil
amendment. Learn how to create your own vermicompost bins for
inside or outside use. Autumn will discuss how to control moisture and
maintain a proper pH in your bin, how to feed your worms, and will
explain vermicompost harvesting techniques.

Instructor:  Autumn Freer, Freer Organics owner

Cost: IBG Member: $10, Non-Member: $15

Location: Cottage

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