Rethinking Idaho Landscapes

Date(s) - Sat 24 Feb
9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Boise State University, Special Events Center

The Idaho Botanical Garden and the University of Idaho continue this popular and important community forum. Speakers provide attendees with examples, tools and information useful for gardening in Idaho.

$40 for Garden Members and U of I Master Gardeners
$50 Non Members

Please call the IBG Administrative Office: 208-343-8649


Parking fee and box lunch included if registration is received by 2/9.
Registrations past this date are not guaranteed lunch choice.

Sandwich Choices– Mediterranean Veggie, Turkey, Roast Beef.
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This horticulture symposium addresses principles for growing landscapes while working within the constraints of the Treasure Valley’s soils and climate. Learn about best gardening practices and recommended plants for this region, with an emphasis on each season. Spring focuses on Vegetable Gardening. Summer addresses plants that are at their best during the heat. Fall highlights that season’s beauty, and Winter will explore the creation of striking landscapes for when all is dormant.

Presented in partnership with the University of Idaho.

Refreshments: Coffee and Tea provided during morning break.

2018 Speakers and Topics: 

Eva Montane, AbundantEarthGardens.comLandscape Winter Interest

As we plan our landscapes, keeping an eye to what they will look like in the winter time can dramatically spice up that oft bland time of year in the garden. Considering structure, color, form, and texture is simple to do and can lend stunning results. What do you see when looking out your windows in winter? Or approaching your home? What do passers- by notice? We’ll address simple ways to add movement to overcome the stillness, color to combat the bleakness, and structure to break up the flatness. Creating winter interest is easy and fun once you know what’s possible.


Casey O’Leary, Earthly Delights Farm and Snake River Seeds Cooperative – Spring is for Planting Idaho Seeds: Creating a robust regional seedshed

By late winter, our thoughts are turning to spring and the new growing season. By planting a seed, you sow not just that seed but the entire agricultural system that produced it. In this talk we’ll explore the biological, economic and cultural ripple effects of the seeds we plant in our gardens and highlight the work local farmers and gardeners are doing to preserve regional seed biodiversity. We’ll then delve into some of the most exciting locally-adapted seed varieties for Idaho, including native plants, heirloom vegetables, novelties, and more.


Rich Guggenheim, University of Idaho Extension, Canyon CountySummer Perennials

Hot, dry summers with intense sun, and high pH soils; growing perennials in Idaho has many unique challenges. Learn about different types of perennial plants best suited for growing in the Treasure Valley. Based on over 20 years of research, you’ll learn about different types of perennials that can add texture, movement, color, and bloom time to help you plan out the best Idaho landscape that is sure to endure even the harshest summer conditions Idaho can throw at it.


Seneca Hull and Toby Mancini, Franz Witte Creating and Caring for Stunning Fall Gardens

Fall gardens can be just as exciting and inviting as those of Spring. We’ll share key elements of design as well as insight into caring for your gardens through the fall months. These tips will not only provide inspiration and direction but also give practical techniques for setting up your garden for health and success in the spring to follow.


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