Members Only Plant Sale

Date(s) - Thu 10 May
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Idaho Botanical Garden

Want to bring a bit of the Idaho Botanical Garden home with you?

Browse our unique water-wise and native Idaho plants for your home gardens at the 2018 Members Only Plant Sale! This exclusive member’s event includes many plants that are grown right here at the Idaho Botanical Garden.

Grab a wagon and give yourself a head start on your spring planting. After you’ve shopped; enjoy a glass of wine or a cold beer on us, listen to music by local artist Minor Paradox, and connect with friends at the Garden members’ social event of the season!

Plant Sale Tips:

  • Become a member today! This is an exclusive Members Only sale.
  • Bring your membership card for faster entry, if you do not have your card, a membership list will be available for look-up.
  • Arrive early for best selection. Plant quantities are limited.
  • Bring your own wagons and boxes to collect and carry all your plants. We provide a limited amount of wagons and plenty of friendly volunteers to help tally and tote your purchases.

IBG promotes hands-on experience for the students of the College of Western Idaho in a partnership that brings new and exciting plant life to the garden and its members. Proceeds benefit their curriculum and these programs.

Plant Sale Listing

Remaining plants will be available for purchase by the public on Friday, May 11 on National Public Gardens Day!


What is the purpose of the Idaho Botanical Garden’s plant sale?

Our annual plant sale has multiple purposes:

  • First, it is a fundraiser for our Horticulture program. Proceeds from the plant sale help to pay the salaries of the dedicated horticulture staff who maintain the gardens, grow the plants, and provide educational resources for IBG visitors. Funds raised also help to purchase materials and equipment for IBG’s horticulture program.
  • Second, our plant sale is a special event to reward IBG members. Members receive early admission and “first pick” of available plants. The second day of the plant sale is open to the public to shop for plants not purchased by IBG members.
  • Third, the IBG plant sale is the horticulture staff’s opportunity to highlight a carefully curated selection of plants not widely available or used in the Boise area. We take very seriously our horticulture mission to educate the public regarding plants that are regionally appropriate for our growing conditions.


Are all the plants for sale grown by the Idaho Botanical Garden?

No. While many of the plants are grown here at the Idaho Botanical Garden, we simply do not have the facilities available to do the large scale propagation necessary for our plant sale. For those items we do not grow on site, we partner with local growers, including the College of Western Idaho Horticulture program, Draggin’ Wing Farm, and Old Valley Farm. In addition, we bring in plants from specialty wholesale nurseries, Skagit Gardens in Washington, and Perennial Favorites in Utah.


Is this a “fire sale” where you are trying to get rid of overstock and unwanted plants? The prices should be really cheap then!

IBG’s annual plant sale is definitely not a fire sale! We begin planning each year’s sale months in advance. Plants for sale are either grown or purchased specifically for the sale in order to showcase little known, unusual, or harder-to-find plants.


Aren’t you competing with local nurseries?

Our once a year plant sale is a fundraiser for the IBG and a much anticipated social event for our members. The focus is on plants that our Horticulture staff is excited about and wants to share. And, since one of the Idaho Botanical Garden’s primary horticultural missions is to educate the public about the plants that perform best in the Intermountain West, a majority of our perennials are drought-tolerant.


But I want to buy my favorite tomato variety from you!

We strive to feature plants that are not readily available locally. For this reason, you may not find your favorite, tried-and-true variety of tomato or pepper. Those are typically available at your local nursery or home improvement store. Instead, we hope to introduce you to varieties you may not have heard of and encourage you to try something different in your home garden!


You ran out of something that I really wanted.

Unfortunately, we have limited space and limited quantities, and we always include that message in our plant sale brochures. While we make every effort to have available all the plants we say we’re going to have, Mother Nature does not always cooperate.


Are the plants for sale organic?

No, they are not. While some of our individual growers may use organic practices, and we here at IBG use only the minimal amount of pesticides on our plants (insecticidal soap and pyrethrums), we do not claim that any of our plants are organically grown.


Are any of the plants grown from GMO seed?

No, GMO seed is not available for purchase beyond commercial agriculture uses, usually corn, soybeans, alfalfa, canola, cotton, and sugar beets. There is research on a genetically modified petunia, but it is not commercially available. NONE of the seeds for sale in local nurseries, grocery stores, home improvement stores, or through seed catalogs are genetically modified; they simply are not available to the general public.