Fairy/Dinosaur Gardens Adult/Child Workshop

Date(s) - Sat 9 Sep
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Fee includes soil, plants, and some decorative materials. Bring your own 12” diameter container; no more than five inches deep is best to cut down on soil weight. Make sure it has drainage holes.

The session is limited to 10 pairs.

Adult/child pairs will work together to create one fairy-sized outdoor container garden sure to entice any pixies (or miniature dinosaurs) wandering through your neighborhood. Debbie will help you plant a container with fairy-scale plants and construct small furniture to set the scene. Set it outside to attract magical and/or prehistoric creatures.

Instructor: Debbie Courson Smith, U of I Advanced Master Gardener

Cost: IBG Member: $25, Non-Member: $30

Location: Classroom

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