Master Naturalists Program

Did you know that IBG is one of three organizations supporting and coordinating the Boise chapter of the master naturalist program? Other participating organizations are the Idaho Fish and Game MK Nature Center and Boise City Foothills Learning Center. The Boise Sagebrush Steppe Chapter, was established in late 2008.

Modeled after the national Master Gardener program, the Idaho Master Naturalist Program aims to develop a corps of well-informed volunteers to actively work toward stewardship of Idaho’s natural environment. Any adult who enjoys nature and is interested in learning more can become a Master Naturalist.

Master Naturalists receive 40 hours work of training and earn certification by volunteering 40 hours of their time over the course of a year. Idaho Master Naturalists volunteer at IBG by leading public tours, collecting native seed, planting, helping with signage, building birdhouses….. the list is endless! They assist our two other partner organizations as well, by helping biologists collect data, monitor wildlife, educate the public, assist at parks and natural areas, and many other conservation efforts.

The best part of becoming a Sagebrush Steppe Master Naturalist is joining a statewide network of dedicated, trained volunteers who work toward conservation, furthering your education and interest in nature, and giving back to your community. For more information, please contact Sara Focht via e-mail: or at (208) 287-2906.

Learn more about Sagebrush Steppe Master Naturalist here.