The Idaho Botanical Garden is a living museum dedicated to furthering science education within the scenic setting of its outdoor classroom and into the community. Enrich your life with a variety of continuing education classes year-round for adults and unique educational opportunities for children including field trip tours, botany camp, and pre-school programs.

  • Garden on the Road— When the plants are dormant in January & February, the Garden goes on the road to visit area daycare centers and pre-schools.
  • Nature Detectives— In June, pre-schools and daycare centers bring children to the Garden for hour-long science programs.
  • Youth Group Tours — These tours are designed to supplement school science curricula.  Custom tours are available too.  These tours run Mid-April through October.
  • Saturday Camp — Children aged 5-9 years meet for three hour-long, lively science lessons once a month May through September.
  • Botany Camp — Children ages 4-9 are invited to participate in the games, crafts and nature walks of this morning science program offered in July and August.
  • Adult Education — Over 40 classes for adults are held annually, on a wide variety of topics including plant care, yoga, composting, low water-use gardening, carnivorous plants and creating cement leaves.
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Upcoming Education Programs…

Fairy Gardens Adult/Child Workshop

Sat 18 Jul 10:00 am

Class full – waiting list started

Adult/child pairs will work together to create a single fairy-sized outdoor container garden sure to entice any pixies wandering through your neighborhood. Elizabeth will help you plant a container with fairy-scale plants and construct fairy furniture to set the scene. Set it outside to attract magical creatures or add your own favorite fairy statuettes.

Bring your own 12” diameter container, no more than five inches deep is best to cut down on soil weight. Make sure it has drainage holes.

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Insect Hotel Workshop

Wed 22 Jul 7:00 pm

Class full – waiting list started

Insect hotels provide homes to pollinators and pest controllers.  They are utilized by wild, solitary bees as nesting sites and are places where ladybugs may overwinter.  Install an insect hotel near your vegetables to help them make fruit and protect them from pests.   In addition they make wonderful garden art.  This workshop will explain the principles for making a hotel to attract mason bees and other helpful invertebrates.  You will practice construction skills while building a small, portable hotel and gain the knowledge needed to build a larger, more permanent one at your desired site.

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Yoga in the Garden

Mon 27 Jul 10:15 am

Please wear loose-fitting clothing that allows comfortable movement. Dress in layers that can be removed as you become warmer. Yoga mats are not used for this class. Instead bring two light-weight blankets or beach towels.

This Svaroopa® yoga class is appropriate for beginners as well as longtime yogis. The poses and breath work are immediately accessible and effective, promoting renewal and wellbeing while dissolving pain in the back, shoulders, and neck. This yoga focuses on Core Opening, which lifts pressure off your joints, internal organs and glands, so everything functions better as you become stronger and more flexible at the same time. Banish fatigue, enjoy more energy and discover a resiliency that supports you when facing life’s challenges. While you become progressively calmer, peaceful and happy, you know it is coming from a deep inner knowing. Svaroopa is a Sanskrit word that means you know yourself at the deepest level of your being. You can trust yourself as you move into life in a whole new way.

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Crash Course in Fall Gardening

Tue 11 Aug 7:00 pm

If you take only one fall gardening class, this should be the one! This comprehensive class will cover the fall basics to ensure a glorious garden next spring including garden clean-up, planting perennials, watering for winter, and fertilizing lawn grasses.

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Culinary Herbs

Wed 19 Aug 7:00 pm

Cottage Culinary herbs are easy to grow, provide health benefits, and make food taste terrific. Elizabeth will discuss how to grow annual and perennial herbs, how to preserve herbs for future use, and share a variety of ways to use them in cooking.

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Bug Day

Sat 22 Aug 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Learn about the exciting world of bugs in an adventurous environment! Earn a “Certificate in Bugology,” purchase edible insects, play bug bingo, participate in Insect Olympics, catch live bugs, and meet the experts. Bug Day is an entomological extravaganza, fun for the entire family.

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