The Idaho Botanical Garden is a living museum dedicated to furthering science education within the scenic setting of its outdoor classroom and into the community. Enrich your life with a variety of continuing education classes year-round for adults and unique educational opportunities for children including field trip tours, botany camp, and pre-school programs.

  • Garden on the Road— When the plants are dormant in January & February, the Garden goes on the road to visit area daycare centers and pre-schools.
  • Nature Detectives— In June, pre-schools and daycare centers bring children to the Garden for hour-long science programs.
  • Youth Group Tours — These tours are designed to supplement school science curricula.  Custom tours are available too.  These tours run Mid-April through October.
  • Saturday Camp — Children aged 5-9 years meet for three hour-long, lively science lessons once a month May through September.
  • Botany Camp — Children ages 4-9 are invited to participate in the games, crafts and nature walks of this morning science program offered in July and August.
  • Adult Education — Over 40 classes for adults are held annually, on a wide variety of topics including plant care, yoga, composting, low water-use gardening, carnivorous plants and creating cement leaves.
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Upcoming Education Programs…

Concrete Leaf Workshop

Mon 14 Sep 6:00 pm

Create a garden ornament using concrete and a large leaf. Cover your leaf with wet cement and the next week return to the Garden to finish your unique garden treasure. All materials will be provided to make your own concrete leaf to use as a small birdbath or garden decoration.

Part II is included and takes place on Monday, September 21 at 6:00 p.m.

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Firewise Landscape: Concepts & Techniques

Wed 16 Sep 6:30 pm

Learn ways to create a defensible space, which reduces the risk of wildfire damage to your home. Brett will discuss the principles of flammable materials reduction, water conservation techniques and creating landscape zones. Participants will see plants to avoid as well as those that are more fire resistant. Many of these plants are also appropriate for low water use gardens. The class will tour the Firewise demonstration garden planted and maintained through a cooperative effort by the Bureau of Land Management, College of Western Idaho Horticulture Program, and Idaho Firewise.

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Foothills Walk

Fri 18 Sep 6:00 pm

Please join botanists from the Idaho Botanical Garden and Pahove Chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society for a plant identification walk in the foothills on Friday, September 18. We will meet at the IBG administration building adjacent to our large parking area at 6 p.m., and walk from there up into the foothills, returning between 7:30 and 7:45 (sundown is at 7:50 p.m. on this date). Register in advance, enrollment is limited.

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Fall Bird Walk

Sat 19 Sep 8:00 am

September is a great time to see resident birds and migratory species that are getting ready to fly south. Join Leanne for a stroll through the Idaho Botanical Garden searching for raptors, woodpeckers, and songbirds. Some of the birds to look for include American Kestrel, Downy Woodpecker, and House Wren.

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Introduction to Common Garden Weeds

Tue 22 Sep 6:30 pm

This class will introduce individuals to some of the common weeds they are likely to encounter in their home gardens and landscapes. Weed names, ecology, potential uses (some are edible!) and control measures will be discussed. We will start in the classroom and then move outside to view plants up close and personal. You may want to bring a digital camera to start building your own weed portfolio.

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Divide and Conquer

Tue 29 Sep 6:30 pm

Michele will show you how to divide perennials to invigorate their growth and start new plants. After some practical experience dividing a variety of plants, you may select some of the starts you’ve separated. Bring a box and bags for bringing home your new treasures.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Tue 6 Oct 6:30 pm

Fall is the season of the Lungs in Chinese medicine and it is a great time to support yourself against colds and flus. This program will feature a brief introduction to Chinese herbal theory and the different stages of a cold and flu. You will learn natural treatment approaches using Chinese herbs and essential oils.

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Saving Vegetable Seeds

Wed 7 Oct 6:30 pm

Join local farmer and Snake River Seed Cooperative Seed Freak, Casey O’Leary, for a down n dirty basic class in how to save good, pure seeds from your home garden. Seed saving is one of the most important activities we as gardeners can engage in as it helps preserve genetic diversity, saves a savvy gardener quite a bit of money, and creates a supply of seeds adapted for your unique garden environment!

In this class, we’ll cover:

  • How to plan your garden for seed saving
  • The difference between heirloom, hybrid, GMO, and open-pollinated seeds
  • How to isolate varieties from each other to avoid cross-pollination
  • How to know when your seed is mature
  • How to process and store your seeds
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Paper Making Workshop

Sun 11 Oct 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The class will focus on the making of paper from different plants. All plants have cellulose, even invasive weeds and so all plants have the potential for becoming paper. Tom will furnish all the supplies and fibers for the class. The class will consist of an orientation of the different artistic items that can be made with paper, the different tools for making paper, and handouts about paper and paper making with different fibers and inclusions. Since paper making is a wet process it is important to wear clothing that can get wet. The workshop will be limited to 12 participants.

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Holiday Lights

Sat 17 Oct 10:00 am

Ever been dazzled by the Garden’s Winter Garden aGlow? Rebecca will share tips for hanging holiday lights in artful displays, including how to make natural structures upon which to hang your lights. She will show you energy saving LED bulbs, how to manage issues such as limited electrical outlets, and how to store your light strings for easier installation the following year.

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