Community Service

Court-Ordered Community Service

The Idaho Botanical Garden (IBG) accepts volunteers completing court-ordered community service and alternative sentencing. If you are assigned to IBG, please fill out the application below to sign up for community service. Thank you for your interest in serving at IBG!


You must sign up at least 48 hours before the date you want to volunteer.


Community Service Tasks and Conditions

Tasks are outdoors and cover all range of garden maintenance: weeding, pruning, raking, digging trenches, cleaning out water features, and much more. A trained Horticulture Staff will guide you through these tasks and provide educational insight along the way.

Community Service Agreement

– Show up on time for all scheduled shifts

– Sign in and out immediately upon entering and leaving the Garden

– Notify the Assistant Horticulture Director (Sierra) if you cannot attend your scheduled shift, and remove yourself from the schedule, within 24 hours

– Exhibit conduct that is polite and professional; treating all IBG employees, volunteers and visitors with courtesy and respect (no foul language, bad attitudes)

– Adhere to the dress code (below)

– Limit phone time to provided breaks only

– Limit smoking to the smoking area behind Maintenance Shop, and only during provided breaks

– No planned visits from friends, family etc.


Dress Code

  • Please dress for the weather as we work outside in all conditions. Rain gear, sun hat, sunscreen, and a water bottle are all good items to bring.
  • Sturdy, waterproof boots or lace-up tennis shoes are required. Open toe, slip-on or heeled shoes are not acceptable.
  • Durable pants or knee-length shorts (plain colored, no torn clothing or sweatpants)
  • Pants are recommended when operating mowers and trimmers.
  • Shirts need to cover your shoulders and midriff. They should minimize advertising; plain t-shirts are best. They should not be torn, soiled or offensive to others.
  • Please bring durable gloves- leather/cotton/rubberized if you have them. Gloves will be available if you do not have your own.
  • IBG provides safety glasses and ear protection. If you have these items, please bring your own.



A 15-minute break will be provided every 3 hours. A 30-minute lunch break will be provided at 12:00 pm, which will be withdrawn from your assigned hours. Please limit phone usage, smoking etc. to these breaks.


What to Bring

A water bottle, snacks, sunscreen, hat, and lunch (if you are staying for 6 hours). Please bring gloves as directed above if you have them, and clothes that adhere to the dress code.

IBG Community Service Login:

Note: You must have filled out the Community Service application (above) and be accepted in order for your login to be activated. Once accepted, you will be able to view and sign up for Community Service openings in the My Schedule tab.

Contact Information
Phone: 208-275-8618