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Idaho Botanical Garden Releases Statement on City of Boise’s Planned 2017 Concert Series

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Idaho Botanical Garden Releases Statement on City of Boise’s Planned 2017 Concert Series

BOISE, ID – The Idaho Botanical Garden (IBG) today responded to the announcement that the City of Boise plans to host a summer concert series in a City park during the summer of 2017. IBG released the following statement:

For nine years, the Idaho Botanical Garden has provided quality musical entertainment to the Boise community through the Garden’s Outlaw Field Concert Series®. Through our experience, we have developed an understanding of the requirements and the best practices for producing a truly fantastic concert experience for our patrons. Along the way, we are proud to say that we have developed Outlaw Field into Boise’s best outdoor concert venue.

Recently, it has come to our attention that the City of Boise intends to produce a new concert series in a city park. The Garden opposes the City’s plan to use taxpayer dollars and our taxpayer-funded public parks for restricted-access, for-profit events that serve only to displace park users and limit access to some of Boise’s greatest treasures.

Holding a closed event in a public park for private gain is antithetical to the purpose public parks serve. Furthermore, it is specifically prohibited within Boise City Code. Title 5, Chapter 10 states, “City Code restricts the sale and advertisement of goods and services in city parks. The City of Boise chooses to maintain public parks as open space accessible to all residents and visitors (no admission charges are permitted).” Therefore, it is our interpretation that public parks should be open for access by the taxpayers who fund them, rather than used as sources of profit for private companies and for the City of Boise.

“While we understand that it may not be the intent of the City of Boise to negatively impact the financial stability of the Idaho Botanical Garden (IBG), it is not possible for a small nonprofit organization such as IBG to compete with the resources and the subsidization of a concert series hosted at a City park,” said Erin Anderson, Executive Director, Idaho Botanical Garden. “The Outlaw Field Concert Series is a large part of IBG’s funding. The City’s proposed entry into competition will put our organization’s sustainability at risk and take away vital funds to support our mission as well as the programs and services that we provide in our community.  Rather than engage in this competition, we urge the City of Boise to reconsider their intent to support concert series in a public park this summer.”

Proceeds from the Idaho Botanical Garden’s 2017 Outlaw Field Concert Series will support the efforts to restore Table Rock following the 2016 fire. The funds will be used to rebuild and regrow the fragile ecosystem that is a much loved and integral part of the Boise community. By strengthening our partnership with the City of Boise, we can continue to make what is already a great concert series even better and provide additional funding towards restoration efforts at Table Rock.

About the Idaho Botanical Garden: Founded in 1984 and located in Boise’s Old Penitentiary Historic District, the Idaho Botanical Garden seeks to enhance the human experience in the landscape, with a particular focus on plants native to or sustainable in the intermountain region of the Rocky Mountains. The Garden is dedicated to enhancing our community’s quality of life through fostering a love of nature and developing intellectual curiosity in people of all ages. The Garden provides enriching garden experiences through educational programs, botanical collections, a variety of entertainment, cultural, and community events. Each year, the Garden invites the community to a variety of events that highlight the Garden through music, art, and seasonal celebrations. The Garden, an independent, private, 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization, is located on 33 acres leased from the State of Idaho.